AngioTox Research Fellows

'Dr Victor Thijssen' image

Dr Victor Thijssen

Dr Thijssen, Marie Curie Fellow spent his secondment period at AngioTox Partner Bayer Technology Services in Leverkusen, Germany » read more

'Dr Ashiwini Maratha' image

Dr Ashiwini Maratha

Dr Maratha is currently working as an Experienced Marie Curie Research Fellow at Oncomark Ltd, Ireland on the AngioTox project to interrogate mechanisms and biomarkers of cardio-toxicities associated with anti-angiogenic receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor - Sunitinib. Besides, Dr Maratha is developing assays to investigate serum based toxicological markers associated with Avastin. » read more

'Dr Linda Bosch' image

Dr Linda Bosch

Linda Bosch is a molecular biologist with special interest in translational oncology. After acquiring her Bachelor of Applied Science degree in "Biology and Medical research" in 2003, she started her Master of Oncology at the VU University in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where she participated in the honours program. » read more

'Dr. Monika Jarzabek' image

Dr. Monika Jarzabek

Dr Monika Jarzabek is involved as a Marie Curie Fellow on the AngioTox project and is currently on secondment at Genentech Inc. South San Francisco. » read more

'Mr. Girish Mallya Udupi' image

Mr. Girish Mallya Udupi

Mr. Girish Mallya Udupi is currently employed with OncoMark Ltd. as an Experienced Marie Curie Fellow under the AngioTox project. » read more

'Dr. David Murray' image

Dr. David Murray

Dr David Murray is a senior research fellow at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, currently on an 8 month secondment as a More Experienced Researcher at Oncomark Ltd. » read more

'Dr. Miriam Lynn' image

Dr. Miriam Lynn

Dr. Miriam Lynn is currently employed as a More Experience Marie Curie Fellow at the University College Dublin with more than 10 years research experience in genetics and proteomics. » read more

'Dr. Ian Miller' image

Dr. Ian Miller

After completing his PhD studies in 2008 in Biomedical science and Engineering at The Conway Institute University College Dublin (UCD) investigating the interaction of cancer cells and novel growth surfaces, Dr. Ian Miller completed a post-doctoral placement in the UCD school of veterinary medicine... » read more

'Dr. Maurice Cary' image

Dr. Maurice Cary

Dr. Cary is a veterinarian (1980) with a PhD in toxicologic pathology (1985) and is a board certified expert in veterinary pathology (1989). He has 27 years experience in industry as a histopathologist, focused on safety assessment of compounds in development for treatment of human diseases. » read more

'Dr. Rhys Evans' image

Dr. Rhys Evans

Dr. Rhys Evans completed his degree in Applied Physiology & Pharmacology at the University of the West of England in 2006. Following this he began a BBSRC/GlaxoSmithKline funded PhD at Cardiff University developing models of asthma and evaluating the effect of various established and potential anti-asthma compounds on these models. » read more