Dr Linda Bosch

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For her research internship, she spent six months at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, in the lab of prof. J.G. Herman, where she worked on DNA methylation analysis of in situ and invasive ductal breast cancers. In 2005, she completed the master's program in Oncology and graduated Cum Laude.

Shortly afterwards she started as a PhD student at the Tumor Profiling Group led by Prof. G.A. Meijer, in the Department of Pathology of the VU University Medical Center, Netherlands, where she obtained her PhD degree in 2013. During her PhD project, she has addressed multiple problems related to colorectal cancer, using a wide range of different methods. Her PhD thesis work focused on the identification of (epi)genetic changes in colorectal cancer that can be used as molecular markers for the early detection of colorectal cancer. This was followed by postdoctoral work at the same research group, where she was responsible for all methylation-based studies within the research program. This included tumor profiling for stratifying patients for therapy and identification of biomarkers for early cancer detection. She was also involved in proteomic profiling for biomarker identification in stool.

Dr. Bosch is currently on secondment at the Oncology Biomarker Development Group at Genentech Inc. in South San Francisco. Her work at Genentech requires her to perform biomarker discovery aspects of this project and she will receive high end training within an industry setting