Dr. Maurice Cary

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Dr Cary is a veterinarian (1980) with a PhD in toxicologic pathology (1985) and is a board certified expert in veterinary pathology (1989). He has 27 years experience in industry as a histopathologist, focused on safety assessment of compounds in development for treatment of human diseases. He is the founder of Pathology Experts GmbH and has been a consultant for the pharmaceutical/biotech industry since June 2000. Dr Cary continues to work as a consultant, having advised approximately 50 companies to date.

Dr Cary's role in the Angiotox program is to provide expert histopathology input, plus advise on necropsy, tissue collection and processing, as well as provide input regarding quality of histology slides. In addition to assisting the technicians in the program in these areas, general guidance in terms of study design, data interpretation and preclinical development models is provided as needed. Dr Cary, who is a vastly experienced veterinary pathologist provides high-level training to individuals in basic pathological assessment, with a particular focus on GLP-grade necropsy. Also whilst on secondment within the Angiotox program, Dr Cary has received training in automated image anaylsis techniques.