Dr. Miriam Lynn

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Dr. Miriam Lynn is currently employed as a More Experience Marie Curie Fellow at the University College Dublin with more than 10 years research experience in genetics and proteomics. Dr. Lynn completed her undergraduate degree, a BA mod in genetics in 2002 in the Department of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin. She followed this with a proteomics focused PhD. She continued her studies with a 3 year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Vancouver General Hospital, University of British Columbia, Canada where she focused on proteomic technologies and applications including quantitative mass spectrometry, investigating Leishmania drug targets, a neglected yet chronic developing world parasite, and host-pathogen interactions.

Following this, Dr. Lynn returned to Ireland and took up a position in at the National Children's Research Centre working in paediatric oncology, using SNPs to characterise solid paediatric tumours including Ewing's sarcoma and Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma patients. Continuing with this theme, in 2011 Dr. Lynn took up a position as Experienced Researcher in OncoMark working on a European Framework 7 funded project entitled RATHER which focuses on providing new rationalised therapy options for difficult-to-treat breast cancer subtypes. Dr. Lynn utilised immunohistochemistry and tissue microarrays to investigate kinases in these breast cancer subtypes.

Dr. Lynn is currently on secondment at the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Lab at University College Dublin. Dr. Lynn's role in the AngioTox project relates to work package 3 Toxmarker screening in pre-clinical and clinical serum samples. Dr. Lynn is developing assays to investigate markers of angiogenesis inhibitor treatments. She is utilising emerging quantitative mass spectrometry phosphoproteomic technology to develop these angiogenesis assays.