Dr. Rhys Evans

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Dr. Rhys Evans completed his degree in Applied Physiology & Pharmacology at the University of the West of England in 2006. Following this he began a BBSRC/GlaxoSmithKline funded PhD at Cardiff University developing models of asthma and evaluating the effect of various established and potential anti-asthma compounds on these models. In 2009 Dr. Evans completed his PhD and continued at Cardiff as a postdoctoral researcher investigating the effect of parainfluenza type III virus on his models, leading to the development of a steroid-resistant model of asthma. This research was funded by the biotech company RespiVert and some of their compounds were tested. Dr. Evans also spent a year at Virginia Commonwealth University working on antipsychotic and 'club' drugs and has industrial experience running an MRI project at GSK.

Since 2011 Dr Evans has been working on the Angiotox Project. His role involves planning and implementing clinically relevant in vivo toxicity studies including performance of GLP grade necropsy analyses and provision of tissue to consortium partners for downstream omics analyses. He also mechanistically interrogates cardiovascular toxicities associated with angiogenesis inhibitors using multi-modality molecular imaging. Techniques include ultrasound, 18F-FDG PET and blood pressure analyses. Optical imaging is further implemented to monitor tumour growth and dissemination.