Dr Victor Thijssen

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Dr. Thijssen graduated from Wageningen University in 1997 with a MSc degree in Bioprocesengineering. He received a PhD degree in Molecular Cell Biology in 2002 at Maastricht University. In the same year he joined the Angiogenesis Laboratory, first as postdoc at Maastricht University and currently as assistant professor at the VU University medical center in Amsterdam. Part of his research aims to unravel the role of galectins in tumor angiogenesis in order to develop novel galectin-targeted cancer therapies. In addition, part of his group studies the combination of angiostatic therapy with radiotherapy in order to improve the therapeuric efficacy of this combation while reducing toxicity.

Within AngioTox, Dr. Thijssen participates in the assessment of toxicity profiles induced by angiogenesis inhibitors (including Sutent and Avastin) in preclinical samples.