Mr. Girish Mallya Udupi

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Mr Mallya Udupi has 5 years of experience in image processing, including 2 years of experience in image analysis for digital pathology. Mr. Mallya Udupi finished his M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), Chicago, USA in 2010 with a focus on Signal/Image Processing. He carried out research at the Medical Imaging Research Center (MIRC), IIT, focusing on prostate cancer localization from multispectral MRI, using texture features.

In 2011, he joined the Conway Institute at the University College Dublin as a Marie Curie Fellow to work on the Target Melanoma project. His work consisted of digital scanning of tissue slides, especially tissue microarrays (TMA), and image analysis. During this employment, he also collaborated with OncoMark for image analysis research and development/testing/validation of their in-house image analysis software. 

Since July 2013, Mr. Mallya Udupi has been working on the AngioTox project in OncoMark Ltd. His work will consist mainly of scanning and carrying out image analyses on TMAs. Additionally, he will be looking into image analysis techniques for quantification of angiogenesis and will also be contributing to the further development of OncoMark's in-house software.