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'Dr. Alice O'Farrell' image

Dr. Alice O'Farrell

Dr. O'Farrell is currently on Secondment for her AngioTox Research to Bayer Technology Services GmbH in Germany. » read more

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Dr. Maria Rovithi

Dr. Maria Rovithi is working as a Marie Curie fellow on the Angiotox project in the laboratory of the Medical Oncology department, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands. » read more

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Dr. Marina Alamanou

Dr Marina Alamanou, currently employed at the OncoMark Ltd. as a Marie Curie Fellow is a molecular and cellular biologist with 8 years research experience. Dr. Alamanou completed her PhD in 2004 at the Department of Applied Biology, University of L'Aquila Italy, investigating proteins involved in phase II biotransformation of xenobiotics » read more

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Dr. Suzanne Hector

Having received her BSc in Chemistry from Ithaca College, Dr Suzanne Hector then pursued a PhD in Cancer Pathology and Prevention at Roswell Park Cancer Institute/University at Buffalo, examining the mechanisms of action and resistance to chemotherapies used in ovarian and colorectal cancer treatment » read more

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