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'IHC-MARK' image

IHC-MARK. Manual interpretation of immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a subjective, time-consuming process, subject to an inherent intra- and inter-observer variability. Automated image analysis approaches offer the possibility of developing more robust and rapid indicators of IHC staining. OncoMark has created a novel, proprietary image analysis toolkit for assessment of IHC-based markers. IHC-MARK, which is in beta-testing phase at present, provides an unparalleled approach to discrimination of biomarker protein expression at the subcellular level (see example output data in adjacent panel).

Example of automatic assessment of nuclear protein expression in breast cancer tissues. A novel unsupervised clustering approach was used to overcome one of the major barriers in image analysis - the identification of tumour nuclei from stromal tissue. The output shows positive tumour nuclei in red and negative tumour nuclei in blue. Data generated from the analysis include % positive nuclei and nuclear intensity.